Hopcalite catalyst

The Hopcalite catalyst, alternatively referred to as the carbon monoxide (CO) elimination catalyst, is formulated by combining a precise ratio of MnO2 and CuO through a combination of bonding, mixing, and mechanical processing techniques. This catalyst appears as black or dark brown columnar particles, measuring either 1.1mm or 3mm in diameter. Its primary function is to remove CO by oxidizing it into CO2.

The Hopcalite catalyst manufactured by Hunan Xintan demonstrates exceptional efficiency and rapidity in catalyzing the reaction between CO and O2, particularly within the temperature range of 20~200℃. This catalyst efficiently transforms CO into CO2, boasting characteristics such as superior efficiency, high catalytic activity, energy conservation, extended service life, and low maintenance costs.

The Xintan Hopcalite catalyst finds widespread applications in various industrial gas treatments, including nitrogen (N2), gas masks, refuge chambers, compressed air breathing equipment, and other related applications.