1,Do you set a minimum order quantity for ozone decomposing agents or Hogalat agents?

We do not set a minimum order quantity.

2,Can Hogalat or ozone decomposition catalysts be used at room temperature?

Ozone decomposition catalysts can be used at normal temperature and humidity, but it is recommended that the humidity should not exceed 70%. Excessive humidity can cause water to accumulate on the surface of the catalyst, which is not conducive to ozone contact with the active substances of the catalyst. Hogalat can be used at room temperature, but it is sensitive to moisture. If Hogalat is used for gas masks, it is best to use it in conjunction with Kagalat. If used for industrial gas purification, in the absence of moisture in the gas, desiccants can be omitted.

3,What are the main components of ozone depletion and decomposition catalysts?

It is MnO2 and CuO, which are catalysts in the manganese copper series.

4,Can carbon monoxide CO catalyst be used for purification of nitrogen N2 and CO2?

Sure, our carbon monoxide catalyst has been widely used for removing carbon monoxide from nitrogen, and we have many successful cases from world-renowned industrial gas manufacturers.

5,How do I determine the required amount of catalyst?

We know the formula for calculating the number of catalysts, and greenhouse gas emissions vary depending on the type of catalyst and gas concentration. Xintan will provide you with professional advice on GHSV.

6,How can I confirm if your Hogalat and ozone depletion catalysts are suitable for my work environment?

Firstly, please share the working temperature, humidity, CO or ozone concentration, and airflow. Confirmed by Xincarbon Technology Team. Secondly, we can provide TDS to help you have a more detailed understanding of our products