Palladium on aluminium(Pd/Al2O3)

The Palladium on Aluminium catalyst (Pd/Al2O3) is formulated using alumina as the support and palladium metal as the active component. The catalyst appears as brown spherical particles, each with a diameter of 1mm, exhibiting excellent selectivity and stability. Chemically, this catalyst can be described as an inorganic compound with the molecular formula Pd(OH)2. It finds widespread applications in various fields such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and energy due to its ability to catalyze key chemical reactions including hydrogenation, dehydrogenation, and oxidation. Furthermore, palladium hydroxide also plays a crucial role in organic synthesis, facilitating the synthesis and oxidation of organic compounds. Additionally, Palladium on Aluminium (Pd/Al2O3) serves as a key precursor for the production of palladium and palladium alloys.